Christmas Recipes: Korean Barbecue Tomahawk or Ribeye

Recetas Navideñas: Tomahawk o Chuletón a la Barbacoa Coreana

If you are a lover of Tomahawk or Steak you have to try this final touch in the recipe 👇😋🔥

💥 Our secret ingredient: Cashew Korean Barbecue 😋🤩 (product that you find as featured, further down in this section).

Once the dish is ready, add our Korean Barbecue Cashew off the heat. You can run the food processor or blender for as little as 2-3 seconds to get larger to smaller chunks that blend better with your bite.

If you haven't tried our Korean Barbecue Cashew, we'll tell you what it's about 👇🤩

👉 One of the latest trends in gastronomy in recent years: "Korean Barbecue", mainly composed of #Gochujang. Combined with our exquisite cashew and a touch of natural smoke, with the aim of recreating the taste of a good Korean-style barbecue on the palate.

🔥 Slight spicy touch camouflaged between the flavors of barbecue and natural smoke. The taste of Tomahawk + Korean barbecue + natural smoke. Simply delicious! 🤩😋👌

😋 And we share other ideas for Uses and Pairing: As an appetizer or to taste individually. As it has a lot of "character", it is perfect for any type of grilled, baked or cooked vegetables. Also very good for grilled fish (as #main recipes a sautéed mushrooms, garlic sprouts and cashews or a Bilbao-style sea bass with cashews, always incorporate off the heat, having previously chopped them a little). As a drink accompaniment, it is recommended to combine with toasted beers or bourbon whiskey.

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