Quality policy - Incidents

At Finca La Rosala we take any quality complaint about our products very seriously, with achieving excellence being our daily mission.
If you detect any quality failure in our products, please send us the following information to the email comercial@fincalarosala.es or to our WhatsApp Business (available by chat) +34 651 80 88 19:
  • Order number
  • Product code or reference
  • Photo of the back of the bag where you will see the lot number

We will forward the query to our Quality Department and we will provide a solution by managing the return or replacement of the product, as well as explaining what may have happened for your peace of mind.

This also applies to possible health alerts that may arise, in which Finca La Rosala will manage the collection, payment and compensation thereof, managing said incident with our suppliers and acting as quickly as possible.

Important: Remind you that if you pick up the product, we need it to be properly packaged. If the delivery person tells you that you need to print the label, it is not necessary to do so, but the packaging is mandatory.


Finca La Rosala uses transport couriers external to the brand , so please note that we are not responsible , directly, for any problem that may arise with it.

However, if you have any problem or query with it, you can contact us at WhatsApp +34 651 808 819 (available for chat) , communicating your order number and the problem caused.

We also recommend that you follow the following steps when receiving any order (whether ours or another website):

1) Check if the merchandise has been hit or crushed that would lead to breakage of its contents or damage to the products.

2) All our packages (whether boxes / packages / pallets) are sealed with a security seal from Finca La Rosala, please check that this is the seal that "closes" the packages.

3) Also check if the packages declared are the ones you have received and none are missing.

4) Once the merchandise is received, check inside the packages if the references and units described in our document are correct.

If you have any problem with any of these 4 points described, please follow the following instructions:

1) If it is one of the first 3, make a written mention on the carrier's delivery note of the point in question.

2) If there is breakage or the packages do not have our Finca La Rosala seal, we ask that you place all the damaged merchandise together and take 1 single photo where all the merchandise can be clearly seen. Note: Make sure the carrier label and the packaging box are visible on the outside, if necessary, take 2 photos.

3) If when you open the packages you are missing any reference/unit or they are not correct, take 1 photo showing the references/units received.

4) Within the first 24 hours of receiving the merchandise, send us the photo with the corresponding incident to the email comercial@fincalarosala.es

Please keep in mind that Finca La Rosala will only be responsible for incidents communicated in a timely manner according to this email, since we have insurance for this, but if the instructions are not followed, we will not be able to compensate and/or pay. said incidence.

*Important information for national shipments: Delivery times are estimates, they depend on our transportation agencies. On the other hand, if there is no stock of a specific product for immediate delivery (this can happen frequently because we are artisans and do not have high stocks), we will notify you at the time of placing the order in case you want to wait for the manufacture of that product. reference, that we send you a partial shipment or cancel said reference or the complete order. If shipping is to the Balearic Islands or internationally, we will wait until we have all the product to send it since shipping is very expensive.

*Important information for international shipments: It is important to note that our international carriers are independent third parties and, although we do our best to ensure quality service, unfortunately, in some cases, they may not meet expectations. To offer you a more effective solution, we recommend that you consider the option of coordinating with an external supplier you trust to pick up the shipment directly at our facilities. Please understand that, due to the nature of international services, certain aspects are beyond our direct control, so in terms of tracking we will send you the shipping number so that you can do so personally and directly with the logistics agency.

For these same reasons, take into account that we will not be able to make payments on quality policies regarding incidents with the transportation agency.

Delivery times are estimated, they depend on our transportation agencies. On the other hand, if there is no stock of a specific product for immediate delivery (this can happen frequently because we are artisans and do not have high stocks), we will notify you at the time of placing the order in case you want to cancel said reference or the order. complete.

Delivery time on BIO products can be up to one week.


To be sure that all the comments published on our website are truthful and of quality, our team verifies that only the reviews written by customers about the products they have purchased are validated and published. To leave a review, it is mandatory to register, make a order and write a review on one, several or all of the products purchased (all with the same customer user). Not allowing any web user who is not a customer to write reviews on our website, nor allowing active customers to leave more than one review per product or write a review on a product not purchased.

In this way we guarantee that all comments are real, not biased or numerous, providing quality information from other customers about our products.

One customer, one order, one review per reference (a customer can never leave more than one review per reference, even if they make several orders for the same one).