Recetas Navideñas: Tomahawk o Chuletón a la Barbacoa Coreana

Christmas Recipes: Korean Barbecue Tomahawk or Ribeye

If you are a lover of Tomahawk or Steak you have to try this final touch in the recipe 👇😋🔥 💥 Our secret ingredient: Cashew Korean Barbecue 😋🤩 (product that you find as featured, further down in this section). Once the dish is ready, add our Korean Barbecue Cashew off the heat. You can run the food processor or blender for as little as 2-3 seconds to get larger to smaller chunks that blend better with your bite. If you haven't tried our Korean Barbecue Cashew, we'll tell you what it's about 👇🤩 👉 One of the latest trends in gastronomy...

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Recetas Navideñas: Natilla a la Pecana Chocolate y aperitivo Pecana Miel

Christmas Recipes: Chocolate Pecan Custard and Honey Pecan Appetizer

Two recipes to surprise your guests in the busy schedule of December meetings 🎄🎄 1- Exquisite appetizer that enhances the flavor of our Honey Pecan. 2- Custard , a typical recipe that never fails 😋 Ingredients: For the appetizer : - Manchego cheese. For the custard: - 500 ml of milk 🥛 - 1 branch of cinnamon. - 1 teaspoon vanilla. - Lemon peel 🍋 - 4 egg yolks. - 75 grams of sugar. - 1 tablespoon cornstarch. 💥 Our secret ingredient: the exquisite Honey Pecan Nut and its version with 60% Belgian Chocolate 😋🤩 (products that you find as featured,...

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Ensalada Niçoise, versión "Rivera"

Nicoise salad, "Rivera" version

Courtesy of our client Rivera Wine . You can serve this delicious salad as a first course in any of your meals. All you need is: 🥬 Large lettuce leaves. 🥕 Multicolored carrots. 😋 White tuna. 💥Our secret ingredient: Honey Pecan Nut ( product that you find as a highlight, below in this section ). 🌿 Green sauce (garlic, chives, parsley, basil). 🫒 Extra virgin olive oil. Garnished with fruit pearls (in this case mango but you can use raspberry too). You can access the original recipe by clicking here .

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Smoothie Detox con Almendras y Pistachos

Detox Smoothie with Almonds and Pistachios

Our Avocado, Cucumber and Celery Smoothie with Pistachios and Almonds 🤩 Ingredients: 🥛250 ml of almond milk 🥄3 tablespoons of Greek yogurt 🥒1 cucumber 🌱100 grams of celery 🥑1 avocado 💥 Our secret ingredient : 10 of our jumbo pistachios and 10 of our raw almonds😋🤩 ( products that you find as featured, further down in this section). 🧊 Ice to taste 🐝 Honey to taste Preparation: Step 1️⃣ Wash and cut the cucumber and celery, without removing the shell from the cucumber. Of the celery we only use the stems, we discard the branches. Step 2️⃣ Peel and cut...

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