Ideas de nuestra clientela para degustar nuestras Almendras Oro

Ideas from our clientele to taste our Gold Almonds

Who better Chef than you, our clients? Compilation of some shared ideas to accompany our Golden Almonds: 🧀With mature cheeses, on a black plate: "they caused a sensation." 🧄With cold creams, mainly traditional white garlic. 😋 Ideal with smoked fish. 🧑‍🍳 Our Chef recommends them ideally with mojamas, cod and tuna. Do you have any other ideals? Please leave it here 👇👇

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Cake Limón glaseado con exóticos Anacardos Lima-Limón 🍋‍🟩

Lemon Cake glazed with exotic Lemon-Lime Cashews 🍋‍🟩

This delicious lemon cake with glaze and lemon-lime cashews is ideal for snacks and breakfasts. 🍋😋 Plus, it freezes very well cut into slices and stored in a bag. Enjoy it whenever you want! 🧊🍰 Shared by one of our clients. Do you want to leave us a recipe? Write to us and we will publish it with your name if you wish! Ingredients: 1 lemon yogurt 🥄 (we will use your glass as a measure for the rest) 2 glasses of sugar 🧁 1 glass of mild olive or sunflower oil 🫒🌻 3 glasses of flour 🌾 1 sachet...

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Ideas para acompañar nuestras Almendras Shichimi Togarashi

Ideas to accompany our Shichimi Togarashi Almonds

Get ready for a journey of incredible flavors with our toasted almonds with Shichimi Togarashi, Japanese 7-flavor chili🌶️ Immerse yourself in the experience and discover how to elevate your gastronomic moments: 🧀 Elevate the sophistication of your cheese boards to the next level by incorporating these toasted almonds. Its crunchy texture intertwines with the richness of aged and ripe cheeses, creating a dance of flavors on your palate. Do you want a refreshing contrast? Add juicy grapes to cleanse your palate in every delicious bite🍇🧀 Accompany your moments of indulgence with smoked tofu and our toasted almonds with 7-flavor chili....

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Pastel de Anacardos Lima - Limón 😋🍋

Cashew Cake Lime - Lemon 😋🍋

Ideal recipe for this summer 👌👌 Photography and recipe shared by our friendly clientele, who we also thank for the time and detail of decorating the table with a lime tablecloth 😊 Ingredients: Cream: 🥚3 eggs. 🥛1/2 milk. 🥄 6 tablespoons of sugar. 🍋 The zest and juice of a lemon. 🥣40 grams of cornstarch. Base : 🧑‍🍳150 grams of flour. 🧈 75 grams very cold butter in pieces. 🥄 2 tablespoons of sugar. 🥄 3 or 4 tablespoons of cold water. Preparation: For the cream : 1️⃣ We put a saucepan over low heat with 400ml of milk, sugar...

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